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Originally Published by Alabama News Center

Flu season can take its toll on your health, but one way to fight the virus is to stop the spread of germs at home. University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health Professor Suzanne Judd shares these tips to help your family strengthen its defenses this flu season.

What are some of the best ways to germ-proof your home?

You cannot really germ-proof your home, but you can clean and disinfect things to improve your chances of preventing the flu.

First, cleaning surfaces using soap and water and disinfectant sprays can decrease the number of germs and lower the chances of spreading them around.

Second, disinfecting commonly touched surfaces can kill germs and help lower the chances of getting sick. Avoid touching used tissues or other waste when emptying your trash and wash your hands afterward to avoid getting those germs.

What are the biggest germ culprits in your home, and how should you disinfect them?

Commonly touched surfaces such as countertops, doorknobs, computer keyboards, toys, phones and faucet handles are major culprits for carrying germs. Make sure the product you are using is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency to clean (remove germs) and disinfect (kill germs).

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