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Originally Published by Romper

Heading back to work after having a baby means starting day care for many families. And, unfortunately, starting day care means (for most families) starting an endless flow of illnesses.

Seasoned day care families know that the runny noses start in September and basically flow straight on through ‘til summer. For those just getting started, though, it’s hard to not spend your first year of having a kid in day care wondering why your baby or toddler is always sick.

However annoying and exhausting it may be to deal with a constant stream of viruses — particularly in the world we live in now — there is likely nothing unusual going on with your baby’s health. The basic truth is that the more your child is around others, the more likely potential germs and illnesses are to spread. So yeah, it might seem like your baby or toddler is always sick since starting day care, and it seems that way because that’s exactly what’s going on.

Hopefully you’ll find some comfort in at least understanding what day care sickness is all about, how many day care colds would be considered too many colds, and when it’s time to give your pediatrician a call.

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