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Originally Published by USA Today

Toys play an important role in the life of your children and pets. They’re learning tools, developmental tools, and recreational tools. They can be a great distraction for children and provide a welcome respite for stressed parents who need a moment or two of peace. But unfortunately, they can also be a petri dish for bacteria.

For example, that cute rubber duck left sodden on the side of the bath can be a haven for mold. And it can’t be cleaned by just sucking up soapy water. That will leave it damp and encourage mold growth. So instead, you have to use distilled vinegar or seal up the holes so the water can’t get inside in the first place.

From that mound of cuddly toys on the sofa to the pile of building bricks on your kitchen table to your dog’s chew toy, left dripping with saliva every time you play a game of tug-of-war, germs abound.

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