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Originally Published by TheBigRedGuide.com

Both our homes and public building environments can have a huge impact on our wellbeing, and over the past few years, the importance of health and hygiene standards has only been exemplified. It’s said that eighty percent of common infections are spread by touch. What’s more, every 30 minutes the average person is said to touch surfaces that expose them to 840,000 germs.

These germs are prevalent in public buildings too, where touchpoints are areas or items that are used by several individuals. Of those touchpoints, door handles are the most touched surface in working environments for example, and can be associated with cross-contamination and health risks.

Right now, the need to improve hygiene within our building environments, understandably, carries a greater significance than it maybe once did. But when it comes to building design, the process of protecting occupants and visitors against infection – especially those most vulnerable – can never be ignored.

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