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Originally Published by YahooLife

After two years of the pandemic, we’ve never been so clean, thanks to regular hand-washing, shopping trolley-wiping and door-handle spraying.

But that’s when we’re out and about. According to a new study by Currys PC World in collaboration with expert microbiologist Dr Jonathan Hughes, the germs lurking in your own home may not be COVID-19 – but they could still give you a nasty bout of digestive trouble.

Their research pinpointed the most germ-ridden place in the average home – and while you might assume it’d be the loo, or perhaps even the bin, you’d be wrong. Turns out it’s the biggest area we come into contact with daily – the floor.

According to the study, 100% of the floors swabbed tested positive for Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P.aeruginosa) bacteria, which can cause disease in plants, animals and humans. It can infect any part of your body, and symptoms can depend on where the infection is but may include redness of skin and lesions. Yet only 65% of people clean the floor of their dining area in a weekly basis.

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