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The first day of school is go-time for parents, but it’s also go-time for germs. New research from the Clorox® brand found that the clothes kids wore to school came back 28 times germier than the average toilet seat.1 What’s more, the study found kids’ backpacks are often the most neglected by parents when it comes to sanitization, and it shows. On average, kids’ backpacks clocked in 31 times germier than the average cell phone.

These germs can stop families in their tracks, but parents can’t afford to be slowed down. By adopting a holistic germ-prevention strategy, parents can help prevent the spread of illness-causing germs on surfaces. That’s why Clorox is teaming up with the world’s most decorated woman in track and field history, gender equality advocate, entrepreneur and mom, Allyson Felix. Together, they’re helping to educate parents on germ spread in order to help keep households running smoothly for an unstoppable year ahead.

To uncover just how many germs kids bring home with them from school, Clorox conducted a swab study with parents of school-aged kids, which included testing a variety of surfaces in the home and on school supplies. Swab results* indicated:

  • The average couch is as germy as a dog’s tennis ball and twice as germy as the fridge1 door/handle.
  • The clothes kids wore to school were 28 times germier than the average toilet seat.
  • Kids’ backpacks are 31 times germier than the average cell phone.
  • Hard surfaces like counters, TV remotes, gaming controllers and fridge handles were roughly 26 times germier than the average bathroom doorknob.

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