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Originally Published by New Net Nebraska

A healthy home environment is absolutely essential to our health. For this, it is important to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals or parasites in the house. But among the most common and most dangerous pitfalls that lurk in our homes, there are also mold and spores. Mold and germs can put our health at risk, especially in the cold, humid months, sometimes without us even noticing. In fact, these creatures can also hide in places that we generally don’t see or control. If we have suspicious symptoms, it is important to make sure that there are no mold and germs in the house. Let’s see what symptoms it can cause.

Symptoms of mold and germ poisoning are mostly respiratory symptoms. It is generally more severe in children, the elderly, or the sick. So pay attention to these symptoms that may indicate the presence of mold and germs in the house, even if they are not visible: respiratory symptoms such as asthma and coughing, especially at night.

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