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Originally Published by WPRI.com

January is typically the most profitable month for gyms and fitness centers, but this year, many businesses are continuing to adapt to restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Managing Member for Work Out World (WOW) New England Elizabeth Beninati said constant cleaning and disinfecting, social distancing and face mask mandates are what’s keeping gyms open. “Right now, gyms have just been found, by research with contact tracing, to be non-spreaders, they’re really safe,” she said. Beninati said WOW has been constantly changing and adapting their rules and regulations throughout the pandemic, including by adjusting memberships and adding virtual ways to access amenities.

“We’re becoming more semi-private exclusive where we’re changing our plans and we’re catering more to the individual member,” she said. “We still have a $10 plan, but the pricing has increased on plans that are offering more with all these features on the apps and the streaming.” Beninati said they have a cleaning crew that fogs the facility at least once a week after the building closes for the night. “If people actually came in and saw how clean it is, and our screening processes, and all of our adaptions they would feel very comfortable,” she said.

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