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Originally Published by WIVB4

While it was a bumpy start, most individuals now seem to recognize the logic behind wearing a mask to protect others. Whether you’re in a situation where the air exchange isn’t ideal or you physically can’t be distant from others, it’s a simple task to temporarily don a mask until the risk factors are once again reduced.

However, when it comes to working out, there’s still a bit of resistance to wearing a mask. This is often fueled by anxiety that triggers a panic response: “I can’t breathe!” For individuals with no underlying health conditions, wearing a cloth mask while exercising poses no appreciable limitations. However, the anxiety that occurs from feeling like air is being restricted can cause a variety of unfavorable reactions that can diminish the quality of your workout.

Fortunately, once you learn a little more about which dangers are real and which are nonexistent, fear is a factor that can be overcome so you can have a worry-free workout.

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