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The gym is a great place to build up a sweat, but it can also be a great place for germs to spread. When working out, there are a certain set of etiquette rules patrons must follow. These rules help to keep the gym clean and everyone working out safe. Here are some of the top gym hygiene etiquette rules you should follow for your next workout.

Bring a Towel to Your Workout

Gym equipment gets sweaty. One of the ways you can avoid this is by bringing a towel with you to your workout. By wiping your sweat on a towel, you can help to keep the gym equipment in better shape and avoid a dirty look from the person using the machine after you. Have a few towels on rotation so you can wash them between workouts.

Wash Your Hands Before and After Your Workout

Washing your hands before you start your workout removes any germs from your hands that you might have brought with you to the gym. Washing your hands after your workout removes any germs you’ve picked up at the gym during your workout. Both are important gym etiquette to keep everyone around you healthy. Showering at the gym is also a good idea.

Use the Disinfectant Spray

Most gyms provide a disinfectant spray to clean off equipment. Don’t be lazy and leave it up to the next person. After you use a machine, spray down any surfaces you touched and wipe them with a paper towel. This helps to keep the gym sanitary and will make it a nicer place to work out.

Stay Home If You Are Sick

If you are experiencing any symptoms of an illness, don’t go to the gym to workout. Sneezing and coughing all over the equipment is a great way to spread germs to everyone around you. Cold and flu germs can live on shared surfaces for up to seven days, making it easy to spread to everyone who comes to workout after you. Plus, when you are sick, your body is not as strong as it normally is. You may be more susceptible to injury due to your weakened state. It is best practice for everyone if you just stay home.

Cover Any Open Wounds

If you have a cut, scrape, or any other open wound, be sure to cover it with a band-aid or other barrier. Open wounds are an invitation for germs and bacteria to enter your body, causing illness and infections. Even if the wound seems tiny, it is still a way for unwanted visitors to enter your skin and it needs coverage.

Use a Metal Water Bottle

Plastic is like a germ magnet. Instead, spend a little extra money and purchase a metal water bottle. Rinse it with hot, soapy water after every workout to keep the germs at bay. Be sure you don’t share your water bottle with anyone else during or after your workout. Your germs should stay with you.

Best practice at the gym is to keep the shared spaces and equipment as clean as possible. By following these simple hygiene etiquette rules, you can help to keep your gym a clean place for everyone to work out.

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