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Originally Published by Real Simple

Sometimes, an all-out, hours-long cleaning spree is what’s necessary to clear away all the gunk, grime, and crumbs that have collected in the kitchen. Other times, you only have a few minutes to spare. That’s where these mini moves come in. Scrub the sink in between Zoom calls, clear away fingerprints when your little one (finally) goes down for a nap—these quick cleaning tasks can all be done in five minutes or less. Tackle one as you’re waiting for the water to boil or while you’re on the phone with a friend.

First, if you don’t already own a pan scraper, you’ll want to make the $12 investment in a set right now. Then, reserve two or three for scraping burnt-on food off pots and pans, and use one for cleaning around the kitchen. The next time you have five minutes to burn, grab the pan scraper and remove the gunk that has inevitably collected around the edge of the kitchen sink and faucet (being careful not to scrape away the caulk at the same time).

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