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Originally Published by The New York Times

At the height of the pandemic, doctors and nurses made furious efforts to protect themselves with gowns and masks and scrambled to save the lives of the severely ill Covid-19 patients with ventilators. But these efforts, among other life saving measures, had a side effect: drug-resistant infections have increased in hospitals. The development, reported on Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, came about in part because drug-resistant bacteria thrived on reused protective equipment, intravenous lines and medical equipment like ventilators.

Drug-resistant infections have in recent years become a gnawing, sometimes deadly, problem. The threat has grown as various germs — notably bacteria and fungi — have mutated and developed defenses that allow them to resist medications and thrive; the germs prey in particular on older patients and the immunocompromised, limiting drug options to counter infections or, in extreme cases, leaving no effective treatments.

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