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Sanitize Equipment to Prevent School Sports Infections

Originally published by CBS Miami

NEW JERSEY – A new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics aims to keep children and teens who play organized sports healthy and safe.

“There’s a couple of different infectious diseases that we can never see, including MRSA, herpes, athletes foot,” said Anais Mixson, an athletic trainer at Neptune High School.

That’s why Mixson makes sure the mats at the New Jersey high school are wiped clean with antibacterial every night.

“If we don’t take the proper precautions, if we skip steps, that’s where were gonna see athletes who will have infections that could possibly last them the rest of their life,” Mixson said.

A new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics offers new guidelines to prevent the spread of infectious diseases among student athletes and treat them appropriately.

“We want to bring focus to the doctor in the office, the athlete and the parent and to the people who are running sporting events,” said Dr. Stephen Rice, the director of sports medicine at the Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Infections are especially common in close contact sports such as football and wrestling.

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School Sports Infections