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staph infections in high school football programs

Originally published in Sentinel Source

At least “three or four” members of the Keene High football team are dealing with a staph infection or impetigo, a similar contagious skin infection, Keene High Athletic Director Mike Atkins confirmed Saturday.

The outbreak forced Keene High to postpone its game against Bishop Guertin Saturday in Nashua. The game will be played Monday at 6:30 p.m. at Stellos Field.

Atkins said “open scabs” that the team was unsure about were found on multiple players Wednesday and those players were advised to see a doctor.

Atkins did not have the number of players that were sent to the doctor, adding that it was “not a large number,” and said that not all the results from tests are in.

Head Coach Bill Hope said every player on the team was examined by team trainers and the team refrained from contact practices for two days to avoid further outbreak.

Hope also said that the boys’ locker room at the high school was cleared and disinfected by custodial staff.

The team’s equipment, including clothing, shoulder pads and helmets, were put in a seperate room and also disinfected, Hope said.

“It’s a serious issue, but it’s one that is under control. There is no need to panic,” said Hope dding that the issue was isolated to the varsity football team.

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