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Originally Published on Insider

The remote in your hand, the pillowcase on your face, the bath mat beneath your feet — some of the grossest things in our homes are the items we use the most and clean the least.

We asked professional cleaner Bailey Carson, home expert at the household services company, Angi, to enlighten us on what is likely the most germ-and-bacteria-infested item in each room of the house, and how we should be washing — or replacing — each one.

In the kitchen, your sponge can harbor hundreds of species of bacteria. Sponges are disgusting. We fill them up with water and soap and rub them across all of our dishes to pick up germs and food remnants. We wipe them across our crumb-infested countertops and dining-room tables. It’s no wonder they’re the grossest thing in our kitchens.

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