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Originally Published by the Gothamist

Although Mayor Eric Adams has lifted COVID-19 restrictions in recent weeks due to low overall case counts, some New Yorkers may still be in the habit of keeping an eye on how the coronavirus is trending, the way one might routinely check the weather.

Anyone looking at the city’s COVID-19 data in the last two weeks might have noticed something curious: The number of cases started creeping up again just as the positivity rate was trending down. Now, the rate is stable as cases continue to rise. During past surges, the two metrics have tended to follow each other.

Gothamist reached out to a pair of infectious disease experts to understand why this might be happening — and whether the slight uptick in cases is cause for concern. The New York City Health Department also explained the potential impact of Congress withholding pandemic funds. The agency said city-run testing sites should remain free and available to all but worried that some private sites might start turning away those who are uninsured.

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