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-Irwin Stromeyer, Sterile Space Infection Defense, LLC, discusses biological decontamination and infection prevention for public facilities –

Verona, NJ — Irwin Stromeyer, Owner, Sterile Space Infection Defense, LLC, was recently featured in ROI-NJ. In the article,Bug busters: Sterile Space is who you call to keep your business free from germs,’ Stromeyer discussed vital information the general public needs regarding biological decontamination and infection prevention methods and explained the story behind his passion of keeping businesses free of germs.

During the interview Stromeyer stated, “We are dealing with the eradication of a problem that people cannot see.” Stromeyer continued, “we’re at the beginning of a brand new industry that people don’t even know needs to be in existence.”

To read the article in entirety, click here. To see more of Irwin Stromeyers’ history, click here.

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Irwin Stromeyers’ education, experience and expertise positions him as an expert in the field of public or community acquired infection prevention services. He makes indoor environments healthier by significantly reducing the infectious germ load on a surface from surviving, thriving and recolonizing surfaces with infectious micro-organisms.

About Sterile Space, Infection Defense, LLC
Sterile Space Infection Defense provides a unique and necessary service in today’s ever infected world to seriously inhibit Cross Contamination Infection. Sterile Space Infection Defense offers a broad range of infection control services. They include on-site decontamination services with their Mobile Ultrasonic Decontamination Laboratory. This very unique vehicle is used to remove biological, organic and inorganic contamination. The main service is terminal disinfection and long-term antimicrobial coating. Also offered is an Urgent Response Disinfection Service and a new service of carpet disinfection with specialized light technology. Sterile Space provides unique solutions that provide a safe environment for businesses and homeowners and, from infants to the elderly with infection prevention, control and eradication services.

For more information about Sterile Space and its services, they can be contacted at 973-714-8288 or https://www.sterilespace.com/.

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