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Originally Published by Occupational Health & Safety

In 2022, only 56 percent of Americans wash their hands six to 15 times per day.

Handwashing is a fundamental way to avoid germs. When the pandemic started in 2020, it came with many uncertainties. But one thing we did know was to wash our hands. Now in the third year of the pandemic, many Americans’ handwashing frequency has changed.

Bradley Corporation, an expert in hand hygiene, has conducted yet another survey on handwashing. Since 2009, Bradley has been conducting these surveys on handwashing in America. In 2022, Bradley surveyed 1,035 adult Americans from January 10-21.

The survey showed that people are washing their hands less now than in 2020. This year, 56 percent of people surveyed washed their hands six to 15 times per day. In 2020, that number was 78 percent. (A total of 37 percent of people previously surveyed washed their hands as much before the pandemic.)

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