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Protecting People in Your Environment

Originally published by Jetli.com

Martial art or workout is a wonderful sport or hobby, but it does come with certain potential problems. One of these potential problems is hygiene. Personal hygiene, both your body and your clothes. Hygiene of your equipment, your gloves, mouth guard, shin guards and the rest. Even hygiene of your training space, your gym, dojo or practice room has to be cleaned in a certain way to avoid the spread of infection.

Hygiene is such a big issue for martial artists because of what we do. We sweat, regardless of how fit we are, we all sweat when we workout. I don’t know about everyone else but after I finish an hour and a half of training I normally wring out my training gear in the shower. Over an hour and a half of martial arts training or workout I’ll drop over two kilograms of weight, all of it sweat.

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