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Protecting People in Your Environment

equipment cleanlinessEach year 22 million school days are lost in the United States because of sickness from the common cold, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Though getting sick is sometimes unavoidable, maintaining equipment cleanliness could help to lower the number of absences in school. One way to do this is with an antimicrobial treatment service.

What are germs?
Germs are no more than microscopic organisms (microbes) that can cause you to become sick. Typically microbes take the form of one of these three things: Bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The common cold, for instance, is a virus. Viruses are composed of proteins, nucleic acids, and sometimes lipids, and they thrive by taking over animals cells as their own. Although the cold is not a very dangerous one, it is definitely contagious.

How do we get sick?
You don’t necessarily have to make any physical contact with a sick person to catch their cold. Touching your face after touching a surface that they came into contact with is actually a far more common way to exchange illnesses. To prevent this from happening to you, always wash your hands and be mindful of what surfaces you touch.

One of the best ways to prevent illness outbreaks is by maintaining facility cleanliness to the highest degree. There are traditional approaches to infection prevention that can work in the short term, but they include dangerous chemicals. When cleaning products are used in daycares with children in close proximity, chemicals like ammonia and bleach can harm their lungs and trigger asthma. So how should you maintain equipment cleanliness?

What is an antimicrobial treatment?
A EPA registered disinfectant is sprayed during the off hours, followed right after by the antimicrobial formula. Together they can prevent all microbes from forming for at least one year.

The antimicrobial works by being electrostatically applied to tables, chairs, or any and all surfaces. Since microbes require three conditions to form, antimicrobial treatment targets the one it can control. Moisture and warmth is entirely conditional to the environment, but a friendly surface is controllable. Due to chemical bonds, microbes will not be able to settle on surfaces treated with antimicrobials.

Being vested with the trust and responsibility of caring for children is rewarding. Keeping them safe from illness is even more rewarding. If you are interested in hearing more about the long-term antimicrobial treatment process, please contact us today.