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Mobile Ultrasonic Decontamination

Sterile Space Infection Defense now offers on-site ultrasonic decontamination cleaning of children’s toys and small chairs. Our mobile ultrasonic decontamination lab can handle the job your staff or cleaning company don’t want to do. The toys and especially the chairs are the most contaminated items in the school. If they are not decontaminated properly then the microbial colonization of those items will occur again more quickly.

We are offering this as a pre-cleaning service to our antimicrobial spray coating service. Or, you can also elect to have us decontaminate your toys and chairs on a single or on-going basis. We offer the service as a single time service or it can be contracted to provide decontaminating of the toys and chairs every month, every other month, every three months, every four months or twice a year.

Spray coating of the toys and chairs without applying the antimicrobial to your facility is also available. Call us in for a review of your items to be cleaned for a free estimate.

Our Mobile Ultrasonic Decontamination Lab. Contaminations go in the back and Disinfections come out the side.

Cleaning toys, first in the pre-wash, then the ultrasonic cleaner, then final rinse and into the dryer.

Toys and chairs lined up for cleaning and disinfection, then blown dry for return to rooms.

Years of uncleaned bio-debris on existing chairs and the biologics deposited by little hands, now cleaned away.

Before and after of a disgusting doll house removing old, dried-on dirt nad bio-burden. Black mold growin in plastic building blocks.




Our center has had much less illness and spread of germs.

Red Carpet Kids

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