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A Long-Term Antimicrobial Is the Perfect Final Step For These Issues

When you come across situations where MOLD contamination, sewerage water contamination or Blood/Trauma Scene contamination is suspected, Sterile Space can provide the finishing step. mPale is the PERFECT FINISHING STEP for all these situations. Once you have removed the mold, the blood, the fecal debris and urine from the contaminated location, the electrostatic application of the mPale is the last step in the process. This will help prevent the regrowth of the disgusting organisms that were the primary concern in these foul events. By using our long-term antimicrobial solution, the vast array of bacteria, fungus, algae and mold are denied a receptive surface and friendly atmosphere for regrowth and thus recontamination.

*Sterile Space Infection Defense is not a disaster restoration company and is not providing the disinfection or antimicrobial spray service as a disaster restoration company. Sterile Space Infection Defense offers its services to residential as well as commercial customers.



Our center has had much less illness and spread of germs.

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