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Protecting Your Child at Daycare

Here’s What Parents Can Do To Help Ensure Their Children Are

Attending Safer School and Daycare Facilities

Concerned parents of children in school or daycare

may be wondering, “What can I do?” 

Well, for starters it’s important that you know the facts: 

  • Most daycare facilities already use a cleaning service but regular cleaning services do not do the level of deep decontamination we do to the furniture, fixtures and toys.
  • Cleaning services might use disinfectants, but they do not use the type of long-lasting antimicrobial treatments that Sterile Space uses. Our service lasts on toys, furniture and surface areas and continues to protect for up to a year after it’s applied.
  • Traditional disinfectants only kill germs at the time they are applied and do not protect from future contamination once they evaporate.


In short: Having a “cleaning company” is simply NOT enough.

And that’s where we come in….

We Can Help Your Child’s Daycare Facility:

✅ Create, maintain and significantly reduce the invasive microbe environment for up to a year after application.

✅ Keep the facility’s staff and children better protected from various invasive microbes.


How Our Infection Control Service Helps Protect Children at Schools and Daycare Facilities

Invasive microbes are transported from surface to surface and surface to face by human hands.

Sterile Space uses terminal disinfectants that are effective at killing viruses and other infectious microbes. We also use a long-term antimicrobial coating that is effective at damaging invasive microbes so badly, that it hinders their ability to survive, thrive and colonize your surfaces!

The antimicrobial formula is very effective on hard surfaces such as metal, tile, plastic, and glass. It also works on wood and foam items as well.  And our antimicrobial formula lasts for up to a year!

As an associate member of the Association for Professionals Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), Sterile Space is uniquely qualified to deal with reducing the spread of these invasive microbes.


What Can Parents Do?


What we suggest is to download and print out this informative PDF document by clicking the download button and give it to the administrator of your child’s school or daycare.  Ask them to consider the Healthy Child Zone® Program from Sterile Space as a way to protect the children and staff who work there.

Why Our Infection Control Service is So Effective

What most people do not understand is that using even a great disinfectant, doesn’t do anything after it dries or evaporates. That is why the long-term antimicrobial coating is so important. The coating is designed to cause significant damage to microbes (healthy or not) as they land on the treated surfaces. If a microbe is healthy or not, once it lands on the treated surface it is inactivated. 

And the antimicrobial formula has been shown to last for up to a year!

Proven Disinfectant Formulas

The disinfectants we use are tested to specifically kill all numerous types of viruses (including Coronaviruses) as well as many other infectious pathogens and are registered on the EPA “N” list. The antimicrobial we apply is EPA registered and inactivates invasive microbes.

What People Are Saying About Our Disinfectant Service

 Are you a concerned parent of a child attending school or daycare?  See how Sterile Space provides peace of mind at childcare facilities such as the ones highlighted below:

Client Spotlight: Les Enfants Preschool, Palisades Park, NJ

“I’ve been using Sterile Space services for the past 4 years. It’s something that I do on a yearly basis to give me reassurance that our facility is the cleanest and safest that it can be.” 
– Maria Hughes, Owner & Executive Director

Client Spotlight: Morristown Neighborhood House, Morristown, NJ

 “The building not only felt cleaner it clearly was cleaner, and we saw colors on things we hadn’t seen in years. When we went back into the building and looked at the rooms and the contents, we were absolutely amazed…we felt very heartened that we got a level of clean that we didn’t know that we really needed.  And it ultimately gave us a peace of mind that we had done the right thing, and that our building now was truly clean enough that we felt comfortable with children being amongst all of these rooms and contents.” 
– Mitch Perry, Operations Manager

Client Spotlight: The Goddard School, Mt Laurel, NJ

“Sterile Space was able to give us the peace of mind that we needed to make sure that our school was prepared to reopen…They were very detail-oriented, his staff was excellent to make so that our students and our families were able to be safe along with our staff…I can’t believe how much detail that they had with everything that they did and we were able to make sure that we were ready to reopen and feel a sense of security with our school.” 
– Terri Cerami, Owner

Client Spotlight: YB World Taekwando Academy, Mt Laurel, NJ

“Safety is our #1 concern especially with health.  In martial arts, we deal with a lot of different equipment that gets handled by different people every day, and so in order to make sure it is safe to use we need to make sure it’s sterile…to make sure it is not spreading any germs or diseases.  And so Sterile Space definitely provided that reassurance…We were definitely comfortable and confident that it was the right company for us.” 
– Abraham Kim, Program Director

Client Spotlight: The Goddard School, Swedesboro, NJ

“What Sterile Space was able to do for us was just a different level of cleaning.  With everything going on with the pandemic nowadays and parent concerns, we felt that we needed to do this not just for the kids who are in attendance right now, but something that’s going to give us the ability to have that level of cleanliness going forward.” 
– Marc Zahirnyi, Owner



Contact us today to discuss how we can treat and disinfect your child’s facility to protect them for up to a year with a single application!