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germ prevention

Originally Published by TES Magazine

Your teaching space may look spick and span, but germs may be lurking. We ask an expert for advice on how staff can defeat these invisible, uninvited guests.

How clean is your classroom, really? The desks may be clear and the floors may be relatively free from debris, but this is still a question that can be harder to answer than it first appears.

With so many people in one space, and particularly if those people change throughout the course of the day as different lessons take place, there’s a spread of germs and general dirt that’s unavoidable.

But it can be addressed in a way that reduces germ transmission and makes these spaces as clean as possible for those using them. This does, however, require concerted effort and a commitment to establishing and maintaining procedures – and it’s an area where a lot of schools are falling down, according to a recent Teacher Tapp survey.

Only just over half of those teachers surveyed were confident in the procedures that they had in place to stop the spread of germs, leaving a significant proportion who were not confident.

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