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Test Results

Sample ATP Biological Meter Counts

Take a look at the first two rows of photos. These are real world ATP counts of before and after. This is done with an ATP meter. The meter measures Adenosine Triphosphate, which is a compound that provides energy to drive the many processes in living cells found in all organic cells. Although an ATP meter does not tell what the specific biologic is (i.e. e-Coli, Staph, MRSA, etc.) it gives you a reading that when cross referenced on a chart, will tell you the level of cleanliness of the tested surface. ATP meters are used by health inspectors, the FDA, EPA and CDC to determine levels of cleanliness in a variety of situations. Please note, clean is considered between 0 and 80. See chart at bottom of page.

​The first two rows of photo’s are Before and After photo’s from a NJ doctors office. The photo’s are taken 5 weeks apart. For the after photos, the surfaces were cleaned with a paper towel and water just prior to taking “ATP readings to remove any body oils and dirt. This is NO reflection on the doctors cleaning service.

Doctors Waiting Room Before

Doctors Waiting Room After

Nurses Counter Before

Nurses Counter After

Patient Treatment Table Before

Patient Treatment Table After

Therapy Equipment Before

Therapy Equipment After

A Child Care Center with before disinfection and antimicrobial coating and 60 days after and 9 months after service provided.

Stairway Before

Stairway at 60 Days

Stairway at 9 Months

Room 2 Before

Room 2 at 60 Days

Room 2 at 9 Months

Room 3 Before

Room 3 at 60 Days

Room 3 at 9 Months

Room 4 Before

Room 4 at 60 Days

Room 4 at 9

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