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Child Care Centers


Ask your child care center’s director if they are participating in the
Healthy Child Zone™ Program. If they are not, discuss it with them
and encourage them to think of the children and staff’s health first
and foremost. It’s important to you.

Today’s Child Care Centers are easy targets for infectious microbial colonization. Because the volume of children are in such concentrated proximity, the opportunity for infectious microbial colonization on all surfaces is truly ripe. That is microbial colonization and it is happening on your furniture, area rugs, flooring, teaching aides, toys, and everywhere else in a child care center. The longer it is between proper cleaning and disinfection, the greater the volume of germs on a given surface. That’s why child care infection prevention and child care decontamination is so important.

Our Healthy Child Zone® Program is effective at child care infection control efforts and child care decontamination by inhibiting and reducing the survival of numerous infectious microbes on the surfaces we treat. There is nothing that anyone can do about airborne acquired infections or person to person direct infecting by sneezing, coughing or fluid transfer.


To assist with child care infection prevention and child care decontamination, Sterile Space Infection Defense has the ability to perform a terminal disinfection on all high frequency touch points and then apply a very durable and very broad spectrum antimicrobial that will last at least twelve months. Clients are amazed that a single annual service can make that much of a difference for up to a year. Clients tell us the frequency of illness outbreaks are dropping over the course of the school year.
Our clients have reported a 50% to 70% reduction in the numbers of sick children and teachers.

Before / After

Before / After

Some of our satisfied clients include:

childcare centers germ prevention


Who has time to play dirt detective? If you’re a child care center owner, you know how busy you are without having to inspect for filth all the time. The big problem with that is general dirt and biologics accumulate like dust on a surface. You see it every day and it never looks too bad. That is until it is pointed out to you or it gets disgusting. The other problem is having the time to dedicate to cleaning, knowing how to properly clean, and having the desire to do it.

One way to check and see if routine cleaning is being done is to use an Ultra Violet marking pen with UV flashlight.
Sterile Space Infection Defense offers our Clean Inspections Service. For a fee, we will routinely visit your facility and do UV Cleanliness inspecting. Once the service is ordered, we will come in and discretely mark certain items. Only we will know which ones are marked and will come back monthly to inspect with our UV light and report to you the status of your staff’s or cleaning service’s effectiveness of cleaning efforts.


Sterile Space Infection Defense now offers on-site ultrasonic decontamination and cleaning of children’s toys and small chairs. Our mobile ultrasonic decontamination lab can handle the job your staff or cleaning company don’t want to do. The toys and especially the chairs are the most contaminated items in the school. If they are not cleaned properly then the microbial colonization of those items will occur more quickly.

We are offering this as a pre-cleaning service to our antimicrobial spray coating service. Or, you can also elect to clean your toys and chairs on a single or on-going basis. We offer the service as a single time service or it can be contracted to provide cleaning of the toys and chairs every month, every other month, every three months, every four months or twice a year.

Spray coating of the toys and chairs without applying the antimicrobial to your facility is also available. Call us in for a review of your items to be cleaned for a free estimate.

Our Mobile Ultrasonic Decontamination Lab. Contaminations go in the back and Disinfections come out the side.

Cleaning toys, first in the pre-wash, then the ultrasonic cleaner, then final rinse and into the dryer.

Toys and chairs lined up for cleaning and disinfection, then blown dry for return to rooms.

Years of uncleaned bio-debris on existing chairs and the biologics deposited by little hands, now cleaned away.

Before and after of a disgusting doll house removing old, dried-on dirt nad bio-burden. Black mold growin in plastic building blocks.



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