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Public Transport

How Healthy is Public Transportation For Your Passengers?

Believe it or not, the easiest way to catch a cold or the flu or various other infections is by touching surfaces or objects that have been contaminated by other sick people! Over 70% of people get sick this way.
People think that getting sneezed or coughed upon is the most prevalent way of getting sick. Not true. Touching contaminated items like Handrails, faucets, phones, etc…, and then touching your face gets you sick.

When you go to work every day, do you ever wonder how many infectious germs you’re going to catch from that bus ride or the taxi ride or that train/subway ride or that airline trip? Every day thousands of people healthy and sick get on buses, in taxis, on trains, subways and airliners. It’s common knowledge and actual media fact that people acquire infections from cross contamination when using public transportation. There is a healthier way to use public transportation. Use only services that keep their fleets clean, fresh smelling, disinfected and microbially treated.

NOT So Fun Facts about Public Transportation:

  • On Buses, Planes, Trains and in Taxi’s, MRSA can live up to 7 Days on cloth seat back pockets. Longer on Leather seats
  • ​On most public transports, 66% of fold down seat back tables have MRSA living on them
  • ​On about 33% of public transportation seats E.Coli can be found and Fecal Matter is on almost 52% of seats
  • The most contaminated seating is the airport gate lounge waiting area seats

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