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How Biologically Clean is Your Recreation Center?


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Infection Prevention

If you run a decent arcade or other type of children/adult fun center, do you think you have any idea of how many infectious organisms your visitors deposit on the surfaces of your video games, rides, laser tag or dining area? You can rest assured it’s easily in the hundreds of thousands. Now think about how many of those attendees come to your center that might be sick or have an infectious skin issue. Just one sick patron and contaminate enough of your facility to make sure that dozens of people go home sick or with an infection at the end of the day. That includes you and your employees as well.  That’s why infection prevention is so important.

Sterile Space Infection Defense can make you the proud owner of a significantly, biologically cleaner fun place. Our infection prevention service can disinfect all the high frequency touch points and apply a very long-term antimicrobial that you can’t wash off. The antimicrobial will destroy and exponentially lower the number of surviving microbes on your amusements, making your place the biologically cleaner place to play.

Infection Prevention

Video Games

Infection Prevention

Bounce House and Climbing

Infection Prevention

Laser Tag

When you have parents planning a party, give them every reason to choose your location. When you can tell them that your facility has been disinfected and treated with a long-term infection prevention antimicrobial to inhibit the spread of infection, they’ll love that idea.

​Invite us in to show the levels of surface contamination that you can’t see. Then let us give you a cleaner facility bill of health.



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