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Sterile Space Infection Defense uses only EPA registered formulations of disinfectants and antimicrobials to help in the prevention, eradication and control of infectious organisms on contaminated items and surfaces. Our purpose is to help significantly reduce the opportunity for microbial regrowth and cross contamination infection between people and the everyday objects that they come in contact with during their daily lives. We use Sanosil™ HaloSpray™ as our medical/hospital grade terminal disinfectants and a revolutionary antimicrobial spray system to effectively apply a protective layer against vast number infectious organisms.

The Disinfectants:

HaloSpray™ and mPerial® are two fantastic EPA Registered medical grade disinfectants which kill a very broad spectrum of Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Mold and Algae. They do have significant overlap in what they are EPA registered to kill. They also compliment each other by killing infectious microbes that the other may not. Both of these products are used at a minimum to disinfect high-frequency touch points prior to the use of our long-term antimicrobial. HaloSpray™ is a hydrogen peroxide based disinfectants.

​The Antimicrobial:

This is an amazing antimicrobial with excellent long-term performance ability of the coating on applied surfaces. What does long-term actually mean? It is warranted to continue working at inhibiting the survival of microbes on the coating for at least one whole year. Undisturbed, it has been know to last for decades.

How It Works

After electrostatically applied to surfaces, it bonds on a molecular level because of covalent bonding properties. It continues to work for a least a year. Biological growth requires at least these four things to survive and replicate. They are a friendly surface, moisture, warmth and a food supply. The Antimicrobial denies them a friendly surface. The best explanation is as follows:

Imagine a desk covered with sharp pin point tacks. If you were to drop balloons on the desk, what happens?

POP!…….POP!…….POP!!!!!!! The sharp pin points have pierced the wall of the balloon and destroyed it. The same exact thing happens to the cell wall of many biological contaminations when they land upon the surface of the antimicrobial coating.


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