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How contaminated with germs is Your Establishment?

This reading Should be below 80

This reading should be below 80

Restaurants and bars where people congregate, become highly contaminated with the infectious germs from everyone who comes in. It’s part of life. Everywhere you go and everything you touch, creates a deposit and acquisition of cells that were on your hands and others people’s hands. Additionally, if food is allowed to spoil, organisms like e.coli, salmonella and more become additional concerns within your place. As employees touch prep tables, plates, the bar area, wait stations and the bathroom, they are taking microbes from one surface to another. As your customers sit at the bar or a table and touch those surfaces, or platters or beer mugs, they are picking up the infectious germs that have been spread around the restaurant.

When your staff clean tables with a spray bottle and a rag, they are moving germs from one surface to the next. The cloth towel that is used behind the bar to wipe down spills or other debris is highly contaminated and spreads germs everywhere from the bar top to the sink/faucets to the wells to the cash register and even the soda gun and beer taps. Sterile Space Infection Defense’s Healthy Dining Zone® Program can provide an extremely effective solution to Cross Contamination of surfaces and equipment.


We offer three basic services for the food and beverage market.

  • Treat the bar, bathrooms and menus.
  • Treat the dining area along with bar, bathrooms and menus
  • Treat the entire facility, kitchen, dining area, bar, bathrooms and menus

Invite us in and let us show you the levels of contamination that already exist in your establishment. We can provide you a much healthier restaurant or bar for your patrons to enjoy.

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