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Hand Washing Training for Germ Transmission Reduction

How are germs shared most often? The CDC says that over 80% of infectious microbes are moved by hands from one surface to another. The biggest reason for this is poor methods of hand washing or no hand washing at all. According to an article from USA Today:

  • 80% of germs are spread by human hands
  • ONLY 5% of people who wash their hands, wash them long enough to remove germs
  • 33% of hand washers RARELY use soap
  • 10% of people SHIP hand washing altogether

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Sterile Space now offers a class in how to wash your hands to reduce the transmission of germs from one place to another and to help reduce the number of times you get sick. The class is performed onsite at your location and is a “hands-on” course. Students/attendees have their hands contaminated with a UV germ simulation solution. They are shown the UV contamination under a special UV light box. Then they go wash their hands as they usually do. When they return, they again place their hands under the UV light which shows them all the spots they missed. This drives the point home about how important time and technique are when it comes to washing your hands to really remove germs from the skin’s surface.

When you consider the statistics above and how quickly germs are spread by human hands, it should be very obvious that it is time for a refresher course on hand washing. When you consider that young children learn by touching everything and putting many things in their mouths, you can see how important it is for early childhood educators to learn, master, and know this process so they can teach their students how to stay healthy.

This class is available to any school, business or organization. For more information, call or email Irwin at Sterile Space Infection Defense.