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How Biologically Clean is Your Fitness, Gym or Rehab Center?

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers

Equipment and Facility Cleanliness is of Critical Importance

When patients or clients come to your center for fitness training or, rehabilitative therapy, they’re not coming to improve one issue and get sick as a side note. The problem with infectious microbial contamination on surfaces and equipment is that you CAN’T see it. Drips of sweat, nasal discharge or droplets of blood are pretty easy to see and thus clean up. It’s what you can’t see that gets you and those that follow you sick from cross contamination infection.

As the seasons change, so do the severity of different types of infections. All those who visit your facility bring with them infectious microbes (germs) they have acquired from numerous other locations. As they use your equipment, free weights, locker rooms, showers and such, they deposit whatever infectious organisms they have acquired, upon the surfaces of fixtures, furniture and equipment. They are told verbally and by signs you’ve posted to wipe down the equipment after they use. Some do, many don’t. Even if you clean and disinfect, the first person to touch that surface has re-contaminated it and started germ colonization all over again.


Sterile Space Infection Defense provides a unique, long-term solution. The Healthy Fitness Zone® Program or the Healthy Patient Zone® Program are the answer. Our three-step process is the trick. First, we do a deep decontamination of all surfaces, equipment and fixtures. That is followed with a terminal disinfection of all high frequency touch points. The final and most important step is the coating of all surfaces, equipment and fixtures with a long-term (12 months*) antimicrobial coating that damages newly deposited microbes so badly, that it’s almost impossible for them to survive, thrive and colonize your surfaces. It does not smell, stain, discolor or corrode any material. It cannot be washed off like other products once applied. * this service is warranted for efficacy for twelve months.

The readings you see below are in essence germ volume load readings of the colony sizes on a tested surface. We use the same meters as the CDC and readings should not be above 80 ideally. As you can see, these are just a little higher than 80 (WOW)!.

Invite us in and our Physical Therapy, Fitness & Gymnastics Infection Prevention services can easily show you what you can’t see with your naked eye, the microbial load on your surfaces and equipment. The photo shows a fitness center that we tested and the microbial load was HUGE! The number on the meter should not read above 80.


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