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Police, Fire & EMS

Reducing Microbial Contamination In YOUR Contaminated World

When Police, Fire or EMS workers are on-shift, they are exposed not only to germs from each other, but from some of the dregs of society. Drunks, drug users, disorderly person and other undesirables bring all kinds of infectious microbial contamination into their vehicles and work space. The possibility of blood borne, urine, fecal and vomit infectious contamination is a real problem every day. It’s almost impossible for them to keep up with the biological cleanliness issues that they face during their work shift. Thats’ where Sterile Space Infection Defense comes in.

The red starbursts indicate where Infectious microbial growth is waiting to infect you.

​Sterile Space Infection Defense does a terminal disinfection of all high frequency touch points and then electrostatically applies a broad spectrum, long-lasting antimicrobial that inhibits the survival of infectious microbes on the treated surfaces. Long lasting means that one single treatment will last at least one year from the date of application.

What would it mean to your Police, Fire and EMS staff to know that they work in as healthy an environment as possible with exponentially fewer infectious microbes to catch? Call us for a no obligation biological audit of your facility and vehicles. We do make the difference!

Protecting People in Your Environment