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Programs/Markets Served

Sterile Space Infection Defense provides several services for keeping your facility as biologically clean as possible.

  • UV-C Carpet Disinfection Service
    It’s frightening to learn that the average carpet or area rug has over 200,000 bacteria square inch. That’s exponentially dirtier than a toilet seat. If you think about how often children play on carpet and those little hands rub their eyes, nose and mouth, it’s a horrific thought. Sterile Space has introduced a new service just for carpeting and area rugs, UV-C Carpet Disinfection Services. This is not a carpet cleaning service, it is a carpet disinfection service that uses UV-C Frequency light exposure to break the calls DNA Chain which stops cells from reproducing and thus kills them. Dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning only take out the dirty and debris that on or in the carpet. They do nothing for killing the infectious biological debris of bacteria, mold, fungus and viruses. Once the cleaned carpet has been exposed to the UV-C Light emission, it is then spray coated with a long-term antimicrobial to inhibit the survival of newly deposited infectious microbes  on to the carpet. The service is recommended as a quarterly service at a minimum.
  • Facility Disinfection and Long-Term Antimicrobial Treatment.
    We use a terminal disinfectant to kill the vast majority of microbes on the high-frequency touch points within your space. We follow that disinfection with the electrostatic application of a long-term antimicrobial coating that does not wash off and actually bonds to the surfaces with a covalent/molecular bond that allows the antimicrobial to protect your surfaces from microbes colonizing those surfaces 24/7/365. This exponentially lowers the survivable microbe count for at least one year.
  • Mobile Ultrasonic Decontamination Lab
    Often times, child care and child activity centers don’t have the time, staff, or desire to do extreme deep cleaning and decontaminating of the numerous surfaces of toys, furniture and other areas within their space. Our On-Site Mobile Ultrasonic Decontamination Lab is just what the job calls for. We can process rooms of materials, toys, chairs and other items through the mobile lab to get them almost as clean as new, while having decontaminated them to a medically clean level. This how all surfaces should be, prior to our antimicrobial spraying.
  • Child Care Chair Decontamination and Antimicrobial Treatment
    Unfortunately, the chairs in most facilities, especially child care centers, are the most contaminated items in the building. Years of spit, nasal discharge debris, blood and feces are routinely found on the underside of these chairs. This is a biological nightmare when it comes to getting sick over and over again. Our chair service will completely decontaminate the bottoms and tops of chairs, removing years and years of dirt and biological deposits. Then we apply the long-term antimicrobial. Keeping your chairs really clean is very easy after this service is performed. You only need to remind the staff to wipe them down at the end of every week.
  • Urgent Response Disinfection Service
    No matter how well we do our job and no matter how hard and often your team cleans, bacterial and viral infections can still spread via airborne transmission. When this happens and it affects numerous students or staff in any particular area of your center, just give us a call and we’ll come out within 24 hours to do a terminal disinfection of that specific area. This service is $250.00 per room for non-clients and is FREE to clients in good standing for the twelve month period of their warranty period.                            LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR URGENT RESPONSE SERVICE HERE
  • Biological Testing Services
    As part of what we do at Sterile Space Infection Defense, there is the occasional need to do more than ATP bio-load testing. Sometime there is a need to know more detail about what is on a surface. We offer a full line of swab testing for our clients to determine the pathogens and their quantities on the surface of clients facilities.
  • Clean Inspection Services
    Business owners and managers are usually so busy with the day to day operations of a business that checking actual cleanliness is often overlooked. So much so, that people eventually don’t realize how much dirt, debris and biological filth has accumulated on surfaces and other items. Our Clean Inspection Service helps keep an eye on cleanliness with a keen eye for detail. By using simple methods of UV light inspection, we can let owners and manager know when the work of cleaning is being overlooked or just ignored. All clients are welcome to sign-up for this service. It is free while we are performing our quarterly ATP inspections of current client. It can also be a subscription service for anyone who wants the service.

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