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Protecting People in Your Environment

Men’s Fitness has an article about germs at the gym that will make you squirm. They list 7 of the most disgusting bugs found on benches and other gym equipment, including:

Human Papillomavirus is a virus that you probably know as HPV. It’s the most common sexually transmitted disease… but that doesn’t mean sex is the only way you get it…

Klebsiella, a bacteria that is usually found in healthy human intestines and stool.

Escherichia Coli, commonly known as E. coli, is a common bacterium found in the intestines and stool of animals. It’s infamous for almost putting Jack in the Box out of business in 1993.

So spray and wipe down machines before and after you use them, lay a towel down before you lay your ass down on a bench, invest in a pair of shower flip-flops, change out of your sweaty gym duds as soon as you’re done with your workout, and, most importantly, wash your hands!

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