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Summer is here, which means vacations, sunscreen and well… bored kids! But you might want to do your research before taking your first dive of the season.

Public pools have a reputation for being filthy, as any germaphobe will tell you. The old adage of “What momma doesn’t know won’t kill her” does not apply to science, where facts are indeed more cringy than fiction. So buckle up, ‘urine’ for a treat!

According to a 2019 survey by the Water Quality & Health Council (WQHC), 40% of Americans said they’ve relieved themselves while swimming in the pool (yes, adults).

But it’s not just gross; officials say when urine reacts with chlorine, it leaves less of the germ-fighting chemical in the water to fend off other bacteria.

The survey also found another delicious fact, that 24% of Americans confessed to swimming in a public pool within one hour of having diarrhea.

As if urinating in a public pool didn’t add enough unnecessary germs to the water your kids are swimming in (and gulping and squirting at each other), more than half of Americans say they have skipped showering before diving in.

Many even confessed to using the pool as a way to “rinse off” after yardwork or exercise…

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