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Protecting People in Your Environment

terminal disinfection

Americans catch approximately 1 billion colds every year. Even though the common cold isn’t very dangerous, it speaks to our hygiene habits that we are spreading germs so freely. For children, it’s even worse. Daycare centers are a hotbed for cross contamination. Many of these places need terminal disinfection in order to get an appropriate level of facility cleanliness. But what can you do to prevent colds from spreading in the first place? Here are some easy hygienic lessons you can teach your children.

Cover Your Cough
Most kids are taught to cover their mouths when they cough, yet it seems like they never do. Explain that coughs carry germs that could get other people sick. It isn’t nice to give your friends a cold, is it?

Tell People if You Are Sick
Some adults are even hesitant to tell people that they have a cold. Perhaps it is about pride, denial, or obliviousness. Whatever the reason, teach your kids that it’s okay to tell people when they are sick. That way their friends will know not to share food or drinks.

Be Mindful of Shared Spaces
A lot of germs can live on tables and doorknobs. Since everyone uses these shared amenities, germs can hitch a ride on unsuspecting passersby. Ask your children to wipe off any surface after touching it while they are sick. This might not guarantee that germs won’t spread, but it will help. If your child goes to daycare, you might want to ask about their terminal disinfection solutions.

An easy trick that works especially well for younger children is asking them to sing the ABCs while they wash their hands. This should give them enough time to properly clean off contagious germs.

If you are concerned about personal hygiene for your children, take the initiative to inform them about how germs spread. When everyone works together to ensure facility and equipment cleanliness, less sickness occurs. If you want to learn more about the dangers of germs, or if you would like to abolish viruses in your child’s daycare center, visit our website and contact us today.