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Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene is paramount for the well-being of children in childcare centers.

However, what happens when items in childcare centers don’t receive proper cleaning attention?

In a revealing video by Sterile Space Infection Defense, Irwin Stromeyer, owner, takes us through the shocking reality of the average childcare center chair left unattended for decades.

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Exploring the Bacteria & Dirt

Irwin wastes no time in unveiling the dire state of a chair retrieved from a childcare center.

The accumulation of grime and bacteria is not only visible but palpable, highlighting the urgent need for intervention.

Children, unknowingly exposed to this unhygienic environment, face a significant risk of contracting harmful germs.

The Decontamination Process

Enter Victor Sanchez, crew chief and head pressure washing technician at Sterile Space Infection Defense.

Armed with a potent mixture of disinfectant-based detergent cleaner and degreaser, Victor restores the chair to its former cleanliness.

With meticulous care, he lathers down the chair before commencing the pressure wash.

Transformation Unveiled

The transformation is nothing short of remarkable.

As the pressure wash takes effect, layers of dirt and bacteria are stripped away.

Irwin emphasizes the importance of such decontamination procedures in childcare centers, where the health and safety of children are of utmost concern.

The Sterile Space Promise

Sterile Space Infection Defense doesn’t stop at mere cleaning; they offer a comprehensive solution to combat infectious microbes.

Their Healthy Child Zone® Program is effective at childcare infection control efforts and childcare decontamination by inhibiting and reducing the survival of numerous infectious microbes on the surfaces they treat.

With a year-long warranty on their services, they ensure a prolonged defense against harmful pathogens.

By minimizing the survival and colonization of infectious microbes on surfaces, they strive to create safer environments for children to thrive in.

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A Wake-Up Call to Childcare Centers

Sterile Space Infection Defense’s video serves as a wake-up call to the childcare industry, highlighting the consequences of improper cleaning practices.

Through their meticulous decontamination procedures, they not only restore cleanliness but also safeguard the health of young children.

As caretakers of our future generation, investing in proper cleaning and infection control services becomes imperative to create nurturing environments where children can flourish without the threat of harmful germs.