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Originally Published by CNBC

If your kids racked up new toys this holiday season, now might be the best time to throw away their old ones—especially if you stop to consider just how many germs they may carry.

Cinch Home Services, a home warranty company, swabbed popular toys of all different kinds and discovered that most of them carry substantial amounts of germs, particularly in comparison to other household objects.

For the analysis, colony-forming units (CFUs) were used as a measurement for the amount of germs on the surfaces of toys like building blocks and slime. In this instance, a CFU is a unit that represents a group of bacterial or fungal cells that are multiplying together. Though, it’s important to note that statistical testing was not conducted during the analysis.

When Cinch Home Services polled 1,000 U.S. adults, they found that “roughly 1 in 10 American parents do not believe it’s necessary to sanitize their children’s toys.”

The data suggests that those parents, and many others, could be exposing their children to the same amount, or more, germs than household surfaces like toilet seats and kitchen sinks.

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