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We often think of germs as being on things like door handles, light switches, and cell phones. But they are actually in a lot more places than that, which is why we have rounded up the 6 most surprising germ hot spots out there and how to get rid of them for good!

1. Reusable grocery bags
Yikes! According to Loma Linda University researchers, our eco-friendly reusable totes are also, unfortunately, germ-friendly (99% of them test positive for illness-causing bacteria and viruses). And the problem isn’t just leaky chicken and meat packaging — those handy carry-alls also pick up germs when they’re plunked down in grocery carts and on check-out conveyors, and when we multi-purpose them to lug around gym clothing, shoes and more.

2. Germ hot spots: Vacuum cleaners
Carpets trap six times more dirt and grime than wood, tile and other flooring materials do, so it’s no wonder at least 50% of vacuum cleaner attachments test positive for fecal bacteria and other harmful germs.

3. Shower curtain liners
Moisture-loving bacteria breed like wildfire on damp shower curtains, and even liners that look squeaky-clean can be teaming with millions of lung-irritating microbes per square inch.

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