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Originally Published by The Press of Atlantic City

When you’re planning days of summer fun, the last thing you want is for anyone to spend time sick in bed. Knowing the danger zones and some tips can help you battle these and avoid pitfalls.

Public spaces function as an ideal breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and other undesirables. The combination of mass movement along with the profound exposure in physical environments can lead to unanticipated illnesses (or diseases) spread by multiple channels. Experts agree that following a few major precautions can make a big difference so you and those you love can enjoy summer activities:

Practice good hand hygiene. Washing hands frequently is critical to keeping nasty germs from making you and those you care about ill while traveling. Washing hands often, especially before meals or touching your eyes, nose or mouth, is the number one way to prevent illness at home or while traveling.

Carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Have sanitizing gel or wipes with at least 60% alcohol available when soap and water aren’t, to help clean hands. This is especially important in places where it may be difficult to get to soap in a restroom, such as at amusement parks, on airplanes or at crowded venues.

Sanitize “high touch” areas. The majority of infections, including respiratory infections, are passed by contact occurring within a very short distance rather than through the air. And germs can be found on porous surfaces (those that have spaces for matter like air, water, liquid or vapors to get through). However, germs also linger longer on nonporous materials like plastic. When possible, wipe down surfaces such as tables, seat armrests and lavatory door handles with an alcohol-based wipe or gel before using them.

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