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Originally Published by Cleaning & Maintenance Management

One of the many reasons managers provide education and training to their cleaning staff is to help prevent cross contamination within a facility. Cross contamination is the spread or transfer of germs from one area, surface, or person to another. With the right training and protocols in place, cleaning staff are more likely to use the techniques, tools, and products—and follow behavioral habits—that prevent cross contamination.

Three techniques for success

Train your employees to adhere to the following three-step pattern when cleaning each area. By implementing these three simple techniques, they will remove germs instead of inadvertently moving them to another surface.

  1. Clean the room or space from the top first, working down to the bottom. This will ensure that as dirt, dust, and pathogens fall during the cleaning process, your staff will remove these soils as they clean lower areas. Start with ceiling fans, vents, and lights, and then end with the floors.
  2. Start with the cleanest areas and move toward the dirtiest areas to avoid spreading germs to clean spaces. This is particularly important when cleaning with reusable cloths that are not often replaced.
  3. Wipe in an s-shaped pattern so as not to overlap with a cleaned area.

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