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Originally Published by Facility Cleaning & Maintenance (FC&M)

Summer 2022 is expected to be a busy travel and tourism season, but that brings with it risks. It’s vital to identify the germ hotspots.

Summer is almost upon us and with it comes an upswing in the amount of domestic and international travel as people jet off for their holidays. This year is expected to be particularly busy when it comes to travel, as the first open summer season in three years. That tourism, though, brings with it a cleaning and disinfection risk and there are a number of germ hotspots to watch out for.

Reckitt’s Lysol Pro Solutions recently highlighted for CleanLink the most contaminated surfaces to look out for on planes and in hotels, and there were a few that may potentially cause surprise.

The likes of door handles are usually cited as the biggest germ hotspots, but the analysis found there are a number of less-considered hidden dangers such as TV remotes, elevator buttons, luggage carts, and plane seatbelt buckles.

Lysol Pro Solutions’ team of scientists used ATP (adenosine triphosphate) analysis to measure contamination levels on surfaces in 10 planes, one airport, and 15 hotels across the U.S.

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