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Originally Published By Popular Science

The biggest no-no when it comes to COVID-19 spread is being in a crowded room with other people breathing heavily on each other. And if you are a gym-frequenter, you’ll know there’s a lot of heavy breathing done during a workout, whether you’re alone, in a group, doing weights, or using cardio equipment. And it’s no secret that gyms can be a hotbed for spreading illness.

Still, gym-related COVID-19 outbreaks are still being discovered—one gym in Chicago operating at 25 percent capacity over the summer sickened 55 people. Most of the gym attendees did not keep masks on leading up to this outbreak, and three people who attended had just tested positive for the virus before working out. One trainer in Honolulu initiated a cluster of 21 positive cases by teaching classes at three separate gyms, while still trying to wear masks and socially distance.

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