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Recently some prospective clients have expressed that the parents of the children in their schools are concerned about the long-term health effects of the products we use when rendering our services.

First let me say that Sterile Space Infection Defense LLC, uses ONLY EPA Registered products. We ONLY use them according to the “on-label” approved instruction and uses for them. Now onto the products themselves.

Please understand that products submitted to the EPA for registration undergo extensive testing under EPA protocol requirement before they are ever submitted for registration. Then all the formulation data, testing data and safety and health requirements testing and data are all submitted for review, proofing and scrutiny by the EPA before a registration number is approved and assigned by the EPA for a specific product.

A) HaloSpray® Disinfectant:
Is a 4% hydrogen peroxide, 1/10% of silver disinfectant solution. It is EPA registered under registration number 84526-1 in August 2009, as a medical grade disinfectant. When used, it leaves no toxic residue. When it dries, evaporates or breaks down, it does so into oxygen and water.

B) mPerial® Disinfectant Based Detergent Cleaner:
mPerial is a disinfectant based detergent concentrate cleaner that must be diluted before use. It’s on-label dilution instruction is 2 liquid ounces per gallon of water. It contains an antimicrobial disinfectant very similar to the mPale® antimicrobial coating listed below. mPerial’s current EPA registration is 10424-59-83129. Their previous formulation EPA registration number was 1839-79-83129.

C) mPale® Antimicrobial Coating with Aegis® Microbe Shield:
mPale® is an antimicrobial solution used to coat surfaces long-term, so as to create a barrier to the survival, growth and colonization by infectious microbes. It does this by forming a bonded protective layer that impales and electrocutes the vast majority of newly deposited cells very quickly. It is EPA registered under registration number 83129-1 on November 2, 2006.