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Originally Published by WRTV ABC

COVID cases are on the rise as we head into fall. Doctors broke down what’s in the air to WRTV.

“We’re starting to have a lot more of those sick visits coming in — fevers, colds, runny nose, congestion, you name it, we’re starting to see it,” said Dr. Rachel Fundenberger.

Dr. Fundenberger works with Ascension St. Vincent. She said her Westfield clinic is seeing more children testing positive for strep throat, COVID and the flu.

“Luckily, we’re not seeing our kids get too terribly sick from COVID. We’re seeing your common viruses. Lots of sick visits have started happening since our kids have gone back to school,” she said.

More adults are also testing positive for COVID, according to Dr. Amy Beth Kressel with Eskenazi Health.

“They are ticking up just a bit, so people are getting COVID,” said Dr. Kressel.

She says hospitals are not seeing a lot of hospitalization due to COVID though.

“Very, very few are being hospitalized at this point so it’s very, very different than where we were three years ago. But COVID is still around, and we are seeing common cold viruses, the rhino viruses. We’re not really seeing influenza yet,” said Dr. Kressel.

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