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Protecting People in Your Environment

How Dirty are Your Shoes? Germs and Bacteria From Shoes Are Spreading Throughout Your Home and Office.

Do you typically take your shoes off at the door when you come inside? Or do you keep them on and walk all throughout your house? If you have small children who play and crawl on the floor, it may be a critical mistake to leave your shoes on.

Most people in the U.S. just don’t even think about taking their shoes off. We walk throughout our house, unknowingly tracking bacteria, fungus, and germs throughout the entire house and putting small children who spend a great deal of time on the floor at risk of contracting infectious diseases. According to a recent article published by ABC:

“Good Morning America” tested the bottoms of eight different people’s shoes, as well as two dogs’ paws, for bacteria. Ciocon’s shoes contained the most bacteria of all — 66 million organisms. (Source: ABC News)

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