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Sterile Space Infection Defense, the germ police, have been hard at work this year providing decontamination, disinfection and antimicrobial protection to client’s throughout the tri-state area.

Below is a review of some of our recent projections and the great success we’ve had in fighting the spread of infections and contamination in schools, offices, restaurants, gyms and other commercial locations.

Neighborhood House of Millburn

A big thank you to Neighborhood House of Millburn for seeing the value and necessity for using the Healthy Child Zone Program. Director Jen Langan saw the difference when we did our decontamination service prior to applying the long-term antimicrobial to keep the school healthier all year long.

The Goddard School

Hooray! Sterile Space Infection Defense has done its first Goddard School. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Nicole Harrison from the Goddard West Orange, NJ school. We treated the entire school with our long-term antimicrobial coating that will significantly help reduce a germ’s ability to survive, thrive and colonize the surfaces of the toys and furniture for the next twelve months. 

Santa Fe Centers

We applaud Alison and Mark Aromando of the Santa Fe Centers in New Providence, NJ. As parents of young children and new owners of this school, Alison and Mark understood the need for a fresh start. Mark chose to have us do our world class decontamination service and key antimicrobial coating service to make things as close to clean as new and to protect the surfaces of their toys, furniture and fixtures against infectious germ build-up. We are sure their parent clients will be happy to know that the Santa Fe Center school IS a Healthy Child Zone® school.

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