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Originally Published by NJ Biz

A survey released Wednesday by health insurer Clover Health revealed that only 45 percent of New Jersey seniors have gotten a flu shot so far this fall.

The findings have prompted Clover Health, a Medicare Advantage insurer, to urge state residents to get immunized.

Irwin Stromeyer, owner of Verona-based Sterile Space Infection Defense, an infection control services company, said the percentages of those who received the flu shot outlined in the Clover Health study is unsettling.

Stromeyer commented:

I think that all seniors should receive the shot. Furthermore, I feel that if insurance companies really want to help the population, they should provide the shots to all seniors at no cost.

If they don’t get sick because they received the shot, the insurance companies wouldn’t have to pay for unnecessary illness and hospital costs. It’s called preventative medicine.

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