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Irwin Stromeyer, Owner, Sterile Space Infection Defense, LLC, was quoted in Safety.com where he offered insight regarding the use of UVC Wands as a protocol to combat COVID.

According to Stromeyer, “The problem with all these wands is much is not known such as the strength of these little wands and the time needed to make sure the DNA chain of the organism (Covid-19 or any other) is damaged sufficiently to inactivate the organism.”

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About Irwin Stromeyer

Stromeyer is an expert in the field of public infection control and germ eradication and a leader in the field of public or community acquired infection prevention services. He has the technology to SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE the survival of invasive microbes. The vast majority of these microbes are transported from surface to surface by human hands. There is no other company in the Region that offers this service. As an associate member of the Association for Professionals Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), Irwin is uniquely qualified to discuss the best way to reduce the communal spread of these microbes by infection prevention through control and eradication.

About Sterile Space, Infection Defense, LLC.

Sterile Space Infection Defense provides a unique and necessary service in today’s ever infected world to seriously inhibit the issue known as Cross Contamination Infection. Now, more than ever before in modern history, our good health is hunted by bacteria, virus, fungus, mold, algae and worst of all, Adaptive Organisms or Superbugs. It’s important to understand how and why deadly infections that used to be found only in hospitals and nursing homes have gained access to the public arena. The worst part is that our children and elderly are the easiest victims of these diseases because of their developing or dwindling immune systems.”

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